Olivia Bonamy French actress actrice comédienne / Andrée  La Captive  (Cf La Prisonnière, Marcel Proust)  Chantal Akerman, 2000


Olivia Bonamy


La Captive

(Cf La Prisonnière, Marcel Proust)

Chantal Akerman, 2000

Marcel ProustA l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs: 

"(Albertine me répondit) : « Mais je suis sûre que vous vous fichez bien de moi. Avouez que c'est Andrée qui vous plaît. Au fond, vous avez raison, elle est beaucoup plus gentille que moi, et elle est ravissante ! Ah ! les hommes ! »

Malgré ma déception récente, ces paroles si franches, en me donnant une grande estime pour Albertine, me causaient une impression très douce. Et peut-être cette impression eut-elle plus tard pour moi de grandes et fâcheuses conséquences, car ce fut par elle que commença à se former ce sentiment presque familial, ce noyau moral qui devait toujours subsister au milieu de mon amour pour Albertine. Un tel sentiment peut être la cause des plus grandes peines. Car pour souffrir vraiment par une femme, il faut avoir cru complètement en elle. Pour le moment, cet embryon d'estime morale, d'amitié, restait au milieu de mon âme comme une pierre d'attente. Il n'eût rien pu, à lui seul, contre mon bonheur s'il fût demeuré ainsi sans s'accroître, dans une inertie qu'il devait garder l'année suivante et à plus forte raison pendant ces dernières semaines de mon premier séjour à Balbec. Il était en moi comme un de ces hôtes qu'il serait malgré tout plus prudent qu'on expulsât, mais qu'on laisse à leur place sans les inquiéter, tant les rendent provisoirement inoffensifs leur faiblesse et leur isolement au milieu d'une âme étrangère.

Mes rêves se retrouvaient libres maintenant de se reporter sur telle ou telle des amies d'Albertine et d'abord sur Andrée, dont les gentillesses m'eussent peut-être moins touché si je n'avais été certain qu'elles seraient connues d'Albertine."


ENGLISH. Marcel Proust, Translated from the French by C. K. Scott Moncrieff: 

 "Albertine : "But I’m sure you don’t care two straws about me, really. Own up now, it’s Andrée you’re in love with. After all, you’re quite right; she is ever so much prettier than I am, and perfectly charming! Oh! You men!”

Despite my recent disappointment, these words so frankly uttered, by giving me a great respect for Albertine, made a very pleasant impression on me. And perhaps this impression was to have serious and vexatious consequences for me later on, for it was round it that there began to form that feeling almost of brotherly intimacy, that moral core which was always to remain at the heart of my love for Albertine. A feeling of this sort may be the cause of the keenest pain. For in order really to suffer at the hands of a woman one must have believed in her completely. For the moment, that embryo of moral esteem, of friendship, was left embedded in me like a stepping-stone in a stream. It could have availed nothing, by itself, against my happiness if it had remained there without growing, in an inertia which it was to retain the following year, and still more during the final weeks of this first visit to Balbec. It dwelt in me like one of those foreign bodies which it would be wiser when all is said to expel, but which we leave where they are without disturbing them, so harmless for the present does their weakness, their isolation amid a strange environment render them.

My dreams were now once more at liberty to concentrate on one or another of Albertine’s friends, and returned first of all to Andrée, whose kindnesses might perhaps have appealed to me less strongly had I not been certain that they would come to Albertine’s ears." 


Olivia Bonamy French actress actrice comédienne / Andrée  La Captive  (Cf La Prisonnière, Marcel Proust)  Chantal Akerman, 2000
Olivia Bonamy French actress actrice comédienne / Andrée  La Captive  (Cf La Prisonnière, Marcel Proust)  Chantal Akerman, 2000
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Erika Linder / Model & Actress / Photo (c) Amanda Demme


Erika Linder

Photo (c) Amanda Demme


"Proudly androgynous, Linder models in both men’s and women’s runway shows. So it is no surprise that her personal hero is Tilda Swinton. “I admire her style so much—I think she is amazing. She can do it all; she can play a man, a woman, a horse!” she says. And so, we suspect, can Linder.

Asked if her new career (actress) is scary, she says of course it is: “But if it isn’t scary, I don’t want to do it." - VOGUE, APRIL 4, 2018. Hooked on Louis Vuitton’s Capucines With Erika Linder


Erika Linder / Actress


"Model Erika Linder announces herself as a promising screen presence"

"Erika Linder. One of the most impressive silver screen outings for a model to date"


Sara Serraiocco | Baldwin / Counterpart


Sara Serraiocco

Showreel | Counterpart

"The actress Sara Serraiocco is the person stealing the show on Counterpart so far. Serraiocco had a not-so unique path to acting: she started out as a dancer. Now one of the hottest talents in Europe" (Decider)

"All the more valuable with ardent performance from, in her American TV debut, Sara Serraiocco" (DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD)

Counterpart. "Conceptually intriguing, twisty, well-written and acted (with an Emmy-worthy turn from J.K. Simmons in the lead) and a masterwork of pacing and creative energy, this series is exceptionally compelling and you should be all over it as soon as possible because right now it's the best show on TV." - The Hollywood Reporter


Stephen King / Twitter | You need to check out COUNTERPART, with the incomparable J.K. Simmons. It's terrific


Sara Serraiocco




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