Catherine Samie actress actrice comédienne | Marcel's grandmother / Grand'mère du narrateur | Proust, A la recherche du temps perdu | Elle, au coeur de qui je me plaçais toujours pour juger la personne la plus insignifiante, elle m'était maintenant fermée


Catherine Samie

Marcel's grandmother / Grand'mère du narrateur

"Elle me sourit tristement et me serra la main. Elle avait compris qu'il n'y avait pas à me cacher ce que j'avais deviné tout de suite : qu'elle venait d'avoir une petite attaque.

Nous retraversâmes l'avenue Gabriel, au milieu de la foule des promeneurs. Je fis asseoir ma grand'mère sur un banc et j'allai chercher un fiacre. Elle, au coeur de qui je me plaçais toujours pour juger la personne la plus insignifiante, elle m'était maintenant fermée, elle était devenue une partie du monde extérieur, et plus qu'à de simples passants, j'étais forcé de lui taire ce que je pensais de son état, de lui taire mon inquiétude. Je n'aurais pu lui en parler avec plus de confiance qu'à une étrangère. Elle venait de me restituer les pensées, les chagrins que depuis mon enfance je lui avais confiés pour toujours. Elle n'était pas morte encore. J'étais déjà seul."

PHOTO : Catherine Samie : la grand-mère du narrateur, À la recherche du temps perdu,  Nina Companeez 2011


ENGLISH. Marcel Proust, Translated from the French by C. K. Scott Moncrieff: 

"She smiled at me sorrowfully and gripped my hand. She had realised that there was no need to hide from me what I had at once guessed, that she had had a slight stroke.

We made our way back along the Avenue Gabriel, through the strolling crowd. I left my grandmother to rest on a seat and went in search of a cab. She, in whose heart I always placed myself when I had to form an opinion of the most unimportant person, she was now closed to me, had become part of the world outside, and, more than from any casual passerby, I was obliged to keep from her what I thought of her condition, to say no word of my uneasiness. I could not have spoken of it to her in greater confidence than to a stranger. She had suddenly handed back to me the thoughts, the griefs which, from the days of my infancy, I had entrusted for all time to her keeping. She was not yet dead. I was already alone." | international actresses
Erika Linder / Model & Actress / Photo (c) Amanda Demme


Erika Linder

Photo (c) Amanda Demme


"Proudly androgynous, Linder models in both men’s and women’s runway shows. So it is no surprise that her personal hero is Tilda Swinton. “I admire her style so much—I think she is amazing. She can do it all; she can play a man, a woman, a horse!” she says. And so, we suspect, can Linder.

Asked if her new career (actress) is scary, she says of course it is: “But if it isn’t scary, I don’t want to do it." - VOGUE, APRIL 4, 2018. Hooked on Louis Vuitton’s Capucines With Erika Linder


Erika Linder / Actress


"Model Erika Linder announces herself as a promising screen presence"

"Erika Linder. One of the most impressive silver screen outings for a model to date"


Sara Serraiocco | Baldwin / Counterpart


Sara Serraiocco

Showreel | Counterpart

"The actress Sara Serraiocco is the person stealing the show on Counterpart so far. Serraiocco had a not-so unique path to acting: she started out as a dancer. Now one of the hottest talents in Europe" (Decider)

"All the more valuable with ardent performance from, in her American TV debut, Sara Serraiocco" (DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD)

Counterpart. "Conceptually intriguing, twisty, well-written and acted (with an Emmy-worthy turn from J.K. Simmons in the lead) and a masterwork of pacing and creative energy, this series is exceptionally compelling and you should be all over it as soon as possible because right now it's the best show on TV." - The Hollywood Reporter


Stephen King / Twitter | You need to check out COUNTERPART, with the incomparable J.K. Simmons. It's terrific


Sara Serraiocco


SARA SERRAIOCCO / SHOWREEL | international actresses